• Paint hides all sins”! Literally!!


    In this kitchen, you may have to use your imagination a little bit for me, as it was a wreck when I first saw it! It really needed a good color and a good product to make these worn out cabinets really make this kitchen come alive!
    When my sister in Franklin, NC purchased the home with her husband, the homes former owner had really done a botched job of attempting to make them “pickled”. Well, let me tell you, it was not pickled and the several colors that were used on these cabinets were so bad I dont even think I took a pix of it. Now, for your sake, I wish I had!

    But, after we completed the cabinets in the right color and right product, the cabinets came alive again. She and her husband love them!!! The richness of the color coordinated with the granite countertops and the flooring. It always amazes me how paint and color transform anything…..ANYTHING!!

  • Five million shades of…………color!!

    20150927_145650It always amazes me how color transforms a persons facial expressions when they take a moment to really look at color(s). Some people gaze and some people glance and keep moving on. But, no matter how you look at color, we ALL see color as a snapshot in our minds from our eyes. How many times ladies, have you walked by a window at a department store and look up and glance at a particular dress and then keep going on your merry way. But, when you looked at the dress, you memorized that color from your eyes to your mind and then determined if that color is YOU or not! I feel that way when I see a red dress, being a redhead, that is NOT my color. But,20150926_191900 if the dress were aqua, I would maybe even stop and admire the dress!

    When I perform a color consultation with clients, I immediately look at their facial expressions and know right away if they like the color or NOT! Women are very visual and their facial expressions tell others (like our husbands and significant others), whether we LIKE IT or NOT!

    The process is easy when I explain how we perceive color……………….. its as simple as 3 steps how we process color.




    When I took a snapshot of the above pix, I studied all of the colors of the water AND the sky together. It caught my eye as I was walking down to the beach. I saw with my “eyes”, I thought with my “mind”, and I “expressed” to myself …beautiful!!!

    When you see a color and automatically you think…”Ugh..what a horrible color”! Thats how fast you did the above three (3) motions in a 1 second time. Next time you are driving, walking etc. etc. and you notice colors around you, or a color “strikes” you as “beautiful or blah” remember how quickly your 3-steps made that decision. As I always say in a consult…..”If in doubt, throw it out”!


  • Melted “Paint Colorants”….see the richness!!

    Its that time of year again…a new start...a new paint color!
    What you see in the pix is not crayons, but actual paint colorants. SEE how rich and thick they are???
    That’s what goes into every gallon of paint created for you, and these are the best colorants you can put in a gallon of paint. My pick is Benjamin Moore paints and color. Colorants are the consistency of “molasses” and imagine when mixed with the contents of a new can of paint, what the color will do when you open up the lid after a good shake. Now many of you get comfortable with your own brand of paint and everyone has their favorites. Just think of the most important issues you have in mind for your projects and how you want it to come out. Use the paint that you are familiar with, but don’t be afraid to ask questions when you are at the paint store. The more communication you receive, the more your project is going to come out to what you expect. Much like when you get your nails done, you want the technician to be fully aware of the color and look you desire and what best suits you.



    s colorants. I have worked firsthand with these colorants and I can tell you, I consistently had colorants all over my hands and arms when I was learning how to tint and custom match colors and paints. Just to give you an idea……….one drop of a “BB” known as “Bright Blue” on your finger and you are looking at a blue finger for at least 2 weeks. My fingerprint was blue long after that! I learned quickly to wear gloves and the suggestion of my manicurist to stop coming in with multi-colored hands!!
    I wont go into what a colorant is made of because it may confuse you, but be rest assured that “colorant” is the meat of a meatloaf!

    Be smart, ask questions, and don’t feel like you are being a nuisance at the paint store…..they do this for a living, not you!

    OH!! I almost forgot! Happy New Year from our home to yours!!

  • Luminara Candles

    Luminara Candles are awesome!

    Love Love Love Luminara Candles!! They are so real looking and are flameless at the same time. I have never seen anything like these until a client of mine turned me onto them. The other advantage I see is they are made from wax and they are lightly scented so they are not overpowering when they are lit. They run on 2 (two) Size D batteries and a remote which takes no batteries. I was clear across the room and was able to turn them on instantly. I also scattered one at different locations in my living, dining and even in my master bedroom and guest baths. You will love them.

    They are sold at Bed Bath & Beyond and also find them on Ebay!

    Happy Holidays!

  • You too can spray paint anything!

    You know, I used to think that spray painting was for just painting jobs like spraying furniture or helping painters touch up places that they missed. Well….was I wrong! Spray painting can be done on virtually anything and everything! It is an extremely versatile tool and with all of the colors, sheens, and products on the market these days, its so easy! I would like to stress an important tip with spray painting though. The “way” you spray paint is important and if you do it this way your project will turn out looking great! Of course, when you are ready to start spraying and you have your index finger on the sprayer tip, make sure first and foremost that the hole on the sprayer is pointing away from your face and onto the surface you are getting ready to spray. At this point, you will do very light wisps from left to right and long strides with your arm. Now, make sure you lift your index finger off of the spray tip before you get to the end of the stride. This is because if you dont do this, you will have the spray paint heavier on the ends and too light in the middle. The more pressure you put on the sprayer and your index finger, the heavier it is going to go on and you dont want to overload the paint on the first coat. Keep a balanced spraying motion with your arm and index finger and you will see the piece you are painting will have an even coverage and spread rate. Let the first coat dry for at least 2 hours, this is what we call “curing”, and it allows the first coat to dry very well before you do a second coat. When all done and both coats have completely dried, look for any spots you may have missed and spray those areas “lightly”, such as spraying wicker, its easy to miss hidden spots. More on the kinds of spray paints in the future. Stay tuned!

  • Open your eyes and ears!

    What exactly am I talking about? Well I will tell you, but listen and look. I cant tell you how many clients I work with have stated “I already have a painter”, OR ” My friend said they were really good”, OR ” I got a good deal” and so on and so on. Its time to wake up and smell the paint! If there is anything important with what I do as a color consultant is color of course, but the second most important is “the actual paint job”! I do paint colors for a living with a compassion, just the same as a “custom painter” does painting for a living with a compassion and experience. That is ALL they do is paint. I use this loosely, because I respect what a painter has to do for a living as I have done in the past in my “learning years” of the paint and color industry. Custom painters are skilled, knowledgeable, and it is all they do. Would I ask my plumber to paint, and would I ask my painter to do my plumbing work? NO. Most importantly, a custom painter is “licensed and insured”, and this “protects” you the client in the event there are any falls, breakages, accidents, paint spills on valuable articles, etc. etc. This will also reflect with your paint job on everything from interior and exterior. The custom painters pay dearly to have the license and insurance to protect you AND them. This does not mean you are going to pay thru the nose because they are insured and licensed. What this does mean is you as the client will be protected first and foremost, AND, you will have an incredible paint job when it is completed. There is a great saying in the paint industry….. “A good paint job isn’t cheap, but a cheap paint job isn’t good.”

  • Getting persuaded by others…

    Its easy to be persuaded by others….especially with paint colors. When a client states to me “my friend just painted her dining room color !*&#@, and I love it, that’s what I want, I “cringe”. Already, I have to be the bearer of bad news to them and stress to them that what works for your friend, may not work so easily for you. Let me explain. Every color has a purpose and a connection with you, your lifestyle, and most importantly, with your room(s) ingredients. Hence, furniture, rugs, art, pictures, etc. etc. Everything you have in “your” room(s) is NOT the same as what is in “their” room(s). We may have similar tastes yes, but we do change things so we are not exactly like “The Joneses”. When I select color(s) for my clients, I personalize the color(s) to their tastes and what works well for them and them only. Each client has a special palette created to their individual tastes, characteristics, mood, and of course all of the hardgoods in the designated room(s) to achieve a beautiful piece of art.

    So in closing, don’t get persuaded by what your friends, in-laws, favorite restaurant, etc. etc. have. There are reasons I choose the color(s) for you and only you. Just like that favorite dress or favorite sports car, you selected it because your eyes say YES! that’s it!! That’s the one!

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