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Getting persuaded by others…

Its easy to be persuaded by others….especially with paint colors. When a client states to me “my friend just painted her dining room color !*&#@, and I love it, that’s what I want, I “cringe”. Already, I have to be the bearer of bad news to them and stress to them that what works for your friend, may not work so easily for you.

Let me explain. Every color has a purpose and a connection with you, your lifestyle, and most importantly, with your room(s) ingredients. Hence, furniture, rugs, art, pictures, etc. etc. Everything you have in “your” room(s) is NOT the same as what is in “their” room(s). We may have similar tastes yes, but we do change things so we are not exactly like “The Joneses”.

When I select color(s) for my clients, I personalize the color(s) to their tastes and what works well for them and them only. Each client has a special palette created to their individual tastes, characteristics, mood, and of course all of the hardgoods in the designated room(s) to achieve a beautiful piece of art.

So in closing, don’t get persuaded by what your friends, in-laws, favorite restaurant, etc. etc. have. There are reasons I choose the color(s) for you and only you. Just like that favorite dress or favorite sports car, you selected it because your eyes say YES! that’s it!! That’s the one!

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