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A consultation is very thorough and it is important to me to establish a trust with my clients. In a short amount of time, you will understand some of the techniques and reasoning behind the colors I choose especially for you and your project(s). A complete color schedule is written out on site in full detail for the sake of communicating to your painter(s) and the do it yourselfer. Color is a portion of the consult, however, there is important information discussed to make you are aware of everything that is involved in a paint job. From beginning to completion. I provide my own tools of the trade to show you accurate paint swatches and given to you as part of the consultation. I will teach you tips and give you knowledgeable advice on accessory colors to accommodate your new color(s) and provide accurate paint swatches of those also.

If you are just starting to renovate areas of your home, or you have just finished new construction, I can offer my advice for other areas pertaining to what you would like to put with your new paint color(s). I will be glad to provide my best advice to you. Often, this is very helpful to my clients as they are given their new paint color(s). Everything from kitchen cabinets to "what stain should I use on my front door"? Paint maintenance is also important for all your areas, I will provide you with critical info on how to maintain your new paint job once it is completed. I have learned over the years to trust my eye with everything I do as a color consultant. It is simply more than just picking a color... it is a science and I take it very seriously with you in mind. My goal is to make your project a masterpiece when it is done. My paint store experience taught me "everything" I use in a consult and I make my consults educational,fun, but mostly establishing a new relationship with every client I work with. My paint knowledge has been invaluable and I relate this experience to you as well. It isnt "just paint" anymore. I do specifically work with Benjamin Moore color and paints because of the quality of paint and the quantity of colors to choose from. Again, the paint store experience I learned will be expressed to you during a consult.

For the do it yourselfer....there are many "tricks of the trade" I will teach you, as I learned from custom painters that have painted their entire lives.

Upon your request, I can provide a trusted preferred painter(s) upon your request. (licensed and insured). This is where the color schedule is invaluable for you as the client and myself , as well as the painters guide for your painting project.

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